Language summer camps in Poland 2016!

We are happy to introduce our new language summer camp programs in Poland. If you wish to spend your holidays by combining fun with learning you should definitely have a look at our Summer Camps in Poland. We have prepared 3 options that will satisfy all of your needs depending on how you are planning to spend your summer.

  • First option is Summer camp at the Baltic sea in Dżwirzyno, with great standard program and additional options, such as windsurfing, diving and much more.You can choose between studying English, Polish or German. Schedule for Summer 2016 language courses looks as following:
Dates in 2016 8-14 y.o. 15-19 y.o.
05.07-18.07    EnglishGerman English
19.07-01.08 EnglishPolish EnglishPolish
02.08-15.08   English    EnglishGerman


  • Second option is Summer camp at spectacular Tatra Mountains, where you can also take Climbing lessons with survival elements, so you will remember you summer as a great experience. And don't forget about English and Polish courses with professional teachers, which can be even held outside on nature for even more cozy atmosphere. Dates available:
Dates in 2016 8-14 y.o. 15-19 y.o.
10.07-23.07 English  English
24.07-06.08   EnglishPolish EnglishPolish


  • And last but not least option is Summer camp at Masurian lakes! If you wish to have calm summer with beautifull lakes in the green woods, this is exactly what you will find in our camp in Kretowiny. You can also choose different additional options for your spare time after English courses, such as windsurfing, sailing and diving, not to mention all the other sport activites, that are included in this 2 weeks program. There are 2 different terms that you can choose from:
Dates in 2016 8-14 y.o. 15-19 y.o.
10.07-23.07 English  English
24.07-06.08   English


For additional information please see full description of our Summer Language Camps, that you will find on menu bar at the left side of our webpage. Can't wait to see you having fun with us this summer!