The requirements depend on a specific university's regulations. General requirements for admission to degree programmes in Polish private universities:

Applicants should:

1. Hold a matriculation certificate (the Matura certificate) or a secondary school leaving certificate certifying that the holder is eligible for admission to higher education in the country in which he/she completed secondary school, if applying for admission to a first-cycle programme or a long-cycle programme, OR hold a degree of Master (magister), Bachelor (licencjat, inżynier) or an equivalent degree, if applying for admission to a second-cycle programme

Please note that according to the Polish regulations, a school certificate obtained abroad in a country that does not have an agreement regarding recognition of certificates with Poland has to be validated in the country in which it was issued and then presented to the kuratorium oświaty (local educational authority) in Poland, which is responsible for the 'nostrification´.

2. Complete an application form.

3. Enclose:

  • sworn translations of the matriculation certificate or secondary school leaving certificate in Polish
  • evidence of Polish or English proficiency (usually TOEFL or IELTS results).
  • copy of passport
  • medical certificate confirming eligibility for studies
  • photographs.

Some universities require letters of recommendation, personal essays and other documents. Art and music schools, some physical education departments and few other ones, organize additional aptitude tests.

Admission deadlines

Admission procedures for fall semester to private universities start in April/May and continue until the end of September.

The academic year

The academic year is divided into two parts: the fall semester (October-mid February), and the spring semester (mid February-June). Each of them ends with the examination period.

Work & Study in Poland

Full-time students from abroad can obtain a temporary residence card in Poland, which gives them the opportunity to work legally in Schengen area countries.

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