Polish in Poland

krakowmuzeum chopinawieliczka


Poland is no longer an empty spot on the map of the continent. It is a country with a rich history, an exciting contemporary lifestyle, excellent culinary traditions and the healthiest economy in Europe.

 Polish language is the second most important Slavic langugae in the World and the most commonly spoken in the European Union.  Speaking our language will help you understand not only the people, but also their culture, religion, history and customs. You will be able to read Lem, Miłosz, Szymborska or Kapuściński in the original.

 Lingwista is a fully linenced and nationaly recognized tour operator and a language school certified and recognized by Polosh Ministry of Education.

 We hope to host you in Poland!

Courses Overview:

  • General Polish Standard Group Courses 20
  • General Polish Intensive Group Courses 20 + 5/10/15ubr
  • Individual courses one-to-one
  • Business Polish
  • Polish + Sports
  • Polish + Culture
  • Polish + Cooking
  • Polish + UNESCO Heritage
  • Polish + Natural Heritage
  • Junior Camp (Polish/Russian/English)tatry1
  • Polish + Other Languages
  • Polish + Music
  • Polish + Music + Other Languages


Individual Courses:

General Polish Standard Group Courses – 20 lessons of Polish in small groups of 4-12 students. You will quickly overcome the language barrier with your new classmates using our communicative based teaching methods. This is our standard course for students learning Polish at all levels. It is perfect if you want to learn Polish in a relaxed way with plenty of time to absorb and practice your new grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills. The course lasts minimum 2 weeks and there are 20 classes a week.   In case of a smaller number of students on a similar skills level the number of the lessons will be reduced to 12 in case of 3 people and 10 in case of 2 people.

General Polish Intensive Group Courses – which is a combination of the General Polish course with a package of 5, 10 or 15 individual one-to-one lessons.

Individual courses one-to-one - For individual classes we offer   a teaching programme using the communicative method and interactive activities using practical language while learning with your own teacher. Whatever you requirements we can create a course to suit your needs.

Business Polish - (based on one-to one tuition). Apart from supplying basic information this course includes vocabulary for specific purposes in the field of office work, company management, contact with clients, negotiations and presentation. The programme aims to teach through interactive, communicative language methodology to help students develop skills which they will face in a company - participating in meetings or fulfilling duties at the office. It also provides learning skills for correspondence in Polish.

University Preparation Courses:

We offer 3 Polish language courses which concentrate on university entrance preparation. The course includes a strong focus on academic Polish and terminology associated with tertiary learning. The course prepares students for writing academic essays, reports and assignments as well as helping them to communicate, on a daily basis, with their fellow students.. Moreover,, the tuition, learning method and assignment structure are in line with standard university tasks – so students will become familiar with these learning approaches prior to starting their degree course. Students will also have the opportunity to experience the Polish way of life and to acquire skills and knowledge about the country, bureaucratic procedures, documents and other practical aspects which may be of need during their stay in Poland. We strongly recommend these courses to everyone who has not studied in Poland before.

There are 3 sessions in 2013:

3 weeks: 9-27.09.2013
recommended for students who speak Polish to at least upper intermediate level and need a short, intensive refresher course. This course may be also suitable for some foreign students with pre-intermediate and intermediate Polish levels whose mother tongue is closely related to Polish (Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Belorussian etc) and are strongly motivated to improve the level of their language.

12 weeks: 8.07-27.09.2013
– 3 month long course, recommended for pre-intermediate and intermediate Polish speakers who wish to develop their language skills quickly and rapidly. This course may also be suitable for some Slavic languages speakers with little or no Polish skills.

24 weeks: 15.04-27.09.2013
– 6 month long course for students with no Polish skills.


Features of our Polish Courses:

  • Rapid progress
  • Language context - practical and useful
  • Effective teaching method based on speaking
  • Interactive activities and creative practice
  • Our own teaching materials - included in the price
  • Trained and experienced teachers
  • Test at the end of the course to evaluate progress
  • Great value for money
  • Small groups
  • Mixed nationalities
  • Our teachers are native speakers only
  • Polish language zone
  • Lingwista’s support from the moment of booking
  • Flexibility - we are open to your ideas and suggestions!
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  4. + 48 22 636 76 56