Łazarski University

Lazarski University
Uczelnia Łazarskiego
Warsaw, POLAND

Lazarski Univesity is an internationally-oriented private institution with over five thousand students from all over the world. The university was founded in 1993, and from its inception it has placed a high value on creating an educational programme that emphasizes quality and practicability first and foremost.

The university has both English and Polish-language programmes and offers degrees in Law, Administration, Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics, and International Relations. Within each programme, students may also choose from a variety of specializations, such as Criminal Law or Civil Law, European Administration, Travel and Tourism Management, E-Business and Innovation, Business Economics, and others. The degrees are administered through two faculties: the Faculty of Law and Administration, and the Faculty of Economics and Management. The university also has a Center for Postgraduate Education which offers specialized training courses for professionals in various areas, ranging from environmental protection, to film and television production, to human resource management.

Lazarski University has also founded three research institutes, The Institute for Self-Government Research, The US Economy and Transatlantic Relations Institute, as well as The Institute of Civic Space and Public Policy, which are dedicated to producing high-quality and meaningful scholarship. Lazarski also has its own publishing house, which publishes books and manuscripts, as well as two quarterly jounrnals – Ius Novum, and Mysl Ekonomiczna i Polityczna (or Political and Economic Thought) – which are available throughout Poland.

In addition to developing an innovative curriculum and encouraging valuable research, Lazarski has also built a strong international profile. It has signed bilateral agreements with over seventy-five universities from around the world, and has partnered with the University of Wales in Great Britain to create double-degree programmes in English. The quality and scope of these programmes has attracted students from all over, and as of 2011 more than eighty percent of English-language students at Lazarski are foreign-born. The university’s International Help Desk, Department for Internship and Job Placement, Accommodations Department, as well as numerous student initiatives also make sure that these foreigners are taken care of and feel at home while studying in Poland.

The result of these efforts has been to build a university that is dynamic, modern, and open to the changes and transformations that are taking place today. It is a university that encourages diversity, focuses on helping students build strong careers, and encourages innovation and excellence.

Campus of Lazarski University is new, innovative, and designed to meet student and faculty needs, as well as being fully accessible to disabled staff and students. The campus includes interconnected buildings, several parking lots and some leisure areas with friendly and welcome atmosphere for every student. The classes are held in spacious seminar rooms and air conditioned lecture halls, which are equipped with the latest audio-visual and computer technology.

Accommodation. Lazarski Houses and dormitories for foreign students (furnished 1,2,3 and 4 person rooms) available from 300 PLN to 880 PLN per month. Location: 5-45 minutes from University by public transport.


  • founded in 1993

  • over 250 international students

  • over 160 instructors

  • own campus close to city center - 25,000 graduates





  • BA International Relations and European Studies (double degree)

  • BA Business Economics (double degree)

  • BA/MA International Relations

  • BA/MA Economics

  • MSc International Business Economics (double degree)



  • BA+MA Law

  • BA/MA Economics

  • BA/MA International Relations

  • BA Finance and Accounting

  • BA/MA Administration

  • BA Management

  • BA Management though E-learning

  • BA Special Education

  • MA Economics through E-learning

  • Master in Public Administration


TUITION FEES 2016/2017:

Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in English - double degree (2 diplomas - Lazarski and Coventry University):

6900 PLN/semester - students from PL, EU, Belarus and Ukraine

1700 EUR/semester - students from outside EU


Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in English:

5400 PLN/semester - students from PL, EU, Belarus and Ukraine

1350 EUR/semester - students from outside EU


Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Polish from 2160 PLN to 3960 PLN per semester .



400 PLN - students from PL, EU, Belarus and Ukraine

100 EUR - students from outside EU.